Thanks and other inspirations

Thanks to:
...Joe Sempik for introducing me to Greencare
...but also Yolande H for getting me interested in it before it even existed as 'greencare'
...and the Reading 'Griffin Group' who were in at the beginning of it all
...Debbie Wilcox at NCFI for getting me back on track from time to time
...and all my co-conspirators on the current and past board of Exclusion Link
...then the health care working group at those wonderfully inspirational EU COST meetings
...not to forget Eric Allen with that beautiful turkey at Odyssey in Melbourne
...everybody else I have met at my other travels to therapeutic communities here and there
...the enabling environments team, who have defined so much of what makes a place 'feel good'
...Digby T and his advice on geese
...Nigel Dicker at Slough Council, plus Paul and all the long-suffering and sometimes bemused staff at the nursery
...Jo B, Audrey A, David H and everybody else who gave us bits and pieces to get started
...but as much as anybody, to my family at home for putting up with me while I was doing all this; and my 'family' at work, the group and TC members, who have had to do just the same at the same time as their therapy.

Thanks anticipated, but not yet due, to the NHS for allowing the creativity and healing potential of greencare to make excellent therapy programmes even better, and save NHS money in the process. Negotiations to be completed!

Inspiration overload :
- so I expect this list will grow and grow over time:

  • Jo-Ann Fowler, Liz Ormerod, Jane Fossey, Amy and others from the SCAS course on animal-assisted interventions
  • The Community of Communities, which has so often inspired me with the visits I have been on
  • Andy and the Arts
  • Paul Abel at Botton Camphill Village and all the villagers
  • The team from The Grange near Bristol, for their day with CofC
  • Samuel B Ross at Green Chimneys in upstate NY - who seems to have been up to it for 63 years!

The EU Conceptual Framework for Greencare
Our own little greencare organisation
The national care farming organisation
The client group we specialise in
Our service user partnership organisation
Wexham Nursery
Animal Assisted Interventions
Botton Village
The Grange
Odyssey House, Melbourne
The organisation that looks after UK TCs
The Community of Communities
Enabling Environments